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Norway’s KSAT and Japan’s Synspective join hands for SAR satellites

Amidst all the space related advancements, Japanese start-up Synspective and Ground Based networking specialists and EO service providers from Norway, KSAT have announced their partnership for a new mission.

Synspective, which is based in Tokyo, is going to make a whole constellation of SAR or the Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites over the course of next few years. The plan is to utilize these satellites for providing solution and data for marketing at a global level. The first of the many satellites is supposed to launch sometime in 2020.

The partnership between Synspective and KSAT will help the Japanese start-up to acquire reliable ground based communication facilities at affordable cost during the LEOP and operational phase of the mission. KSAT will also be benefitted as they will be using the data from the satellites and will include it into their already extensive and elaborate SAR database.

Motoyuki Arai, the CEO of Synspective said that they are pleased to have got the opportunity to work with one of the leaders in the space industry and they believe that vast global availability of network is important. He added that collaborations like these should be more often in order to ensure the growth and development of the industry.

KSAT is now all set to become a power house in terms of commercial SAR satellites due to their agreements with nearly every SAR mission and zero latency data transfer facilities on ground communication level.Rolf Skatteboe, who is the CEO and the president of KSAT expressed his excitement and happiness for working with Synspective and he believes that this team-up will be very fruitful and beneficial in coming years.KSAT Lite network will be there to support the SAR constellation by providingGaaS or Ground Station as-a Service by utilizing their huge network of ground based global integrated network.

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