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No end of tunnel for Boeing’s 737 Max yet…planes continue to be grounded

Grounding of Boeing 737 Max continues to scrape of plans regarding their returns in the air as United Airlines have also canceled their planned flights. It is expected that the aircraft won’t return to service until January next year which has led to 100s of flights being canceled.

American Airlines have removed the Max out of their scheduling until January 16 next year, United Airlines have halted the Max until January 6 and Southwest Airlines have put their Max aircrafts on hold until January 5.

Boeing 737 Max has been grounded worldwide after they were involved in 2 fatal crashes. Boeing is desperately trying to fix the issues and make sure that the planes are in the air again soon after the planes were grounded in mid-March following the second crash. Boeing expects to get approved to fly again in the fourth quarter. However, the concerned aviation officials haven’t disclosed any date on which the flying will be resumed. This grounding of the airplanes has caused a lot of monetary losses to the airlines worldwide.

United Airlines were expecting that the flights will be allowed to resume from December 16, but this delay will make them cancel 95 flights a day for the month of November and 75 flights every day in December. A United official has said that they will be trying to get those customers on replacement flights and if they fail to do so, they will be giving them different offers.

Even after receiving permissions to resume the flights from FAA, airlines will need atleast a month to prepare their pilots and do necessary procedures before they can resume their services normally.

According to the investigators of the crashes the flight control software was responsible behind the 2 crashes, as it repeatedly pushed the nose of the aircraft downwards which caused the death of a total of 346 people. Boeing has already developed the fix of those issues and is waiting for approval from the FAA and other concerned authorities.

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