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Google purchases Fitbit for an amount of $2.1 billion

It has been announced by Google that it is buying the company Fitbit for an amount of $2.1 billion. Rick Osterloh, the Google SVP of services and devices has announced in a blog post that purchase of Fitbit is an opportunity for them to invest furthermore in Wear OS and introduce the Google made wearable devices in the markets.

This news has been announced just days post the reports claiming that Google had been in talks for buying the popular company which tracks the fitness of its users.

Under this deal, the fitness tracking company is going to join Google itself. This is similar to the ongoing situation with Nest. It is completely under Google and not a separate division like it was when it had been acquired by Alphabet.

As per a separate press release which had been issued by Fitbit, the company is still taking privacy for fitness and health seriously by taking not that the data of fitness and health are not going to be utilized for the ads in Google.

Google for a lot of years has tried and failed in getting into this market by its own wearable OS platform however it has not been able to make any major impact.

The hardware chops of Fitbit have been great always and it gives google a significantly bigger foundation for future creation of wearable devices that are integrated with Android.

The strong focus of the company on fitness tracking can be directly integrated naturally into the Google Fit apps of Google, too which offers Google a viable alternative to the Apple’s watch which has deep levels of fitness tracking integrated with its iPhone.

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