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Twitter Starts Experimenting With Reddit-Akin Nested Chats

Following chats in the disturbance of Twitter is not the easiest of jobs, but it is about to get simpler. A new chat tree functionality with nested responses is being tried on the service and is set to launch out next year.

Chat trees were first witnessed in beta testing app of Twitter, Twttr. The testing application lets Twitter to test changes to the chat formatting before launching out any primary alterations to the main service.

As seen by Jane Manchun Wong (the respected app researcher), conversation trees are now being tried on the primary website of Twitter. As well as nesting responses to make conversation following simpler, the new format also comprises the capability of clicking on any post to aim on it.

The alterations offer Twitter more of a text board experience, with consumers noting that it is suggestive of Reddit. The firm verified to media that the alterations are fraction of a bigger update of Twttr functions arriving on Twitter, and that the complete launch might take place in 2020.

On a related note, Twitter earlier claimed that it is testing yet one more new function: a “subscribe to chat” option that might allow consumers follow a thread without replying to or liking it. Jane Manchun Wong found the prototype in the app’s Android edition. In response to her post related to it, Twitter claimed that this is an effort to make the service more conversational. It is now the newest in a series of alterations we have witnessed from Twitter.

This new feature includes an option to the threads’ top right corner. If you tap it, you will be alerted when extra tweets are included to the thread. Since you do not need to comment or “heart” in a thread to get upgrades, this can add a little of anonymity.

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