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Google Photos Is The Next Chat Service Of The Search Giant

One of the most excellent things about Google+ was its interesting photography community, where users from all over the world discussed and shared their pictures. The stab by Google at a social network may be buried and dead, but it is doubling down on methods for people to text each other all over its different platforms. Now, it is marrying those two ideas by bringing a chat functionality to Google Photos.

When you share separate videos and photos, you can include them to a private chat on the website or in the app. You will be capable of liking and commenting on clips and pictures and store them to your personal gallery.

“This feature is not developed to restore the chat applications you already employ, but we do expect it enhances sharing memories with your family and friends in Google Photos,” product manager at Google Photos, Janvi Shah, claimed to the media in an interview. The app can be a huge jumping-off point for a chat, as the likes of Instagram have displayed. The chat feature is launching out all over iOS, Android, and the web over the coming weeks.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is about to patch an error in Photos that efficiently offers iPhone consumers a free ride. The firm claimed to the media in an interview that it is aiming to solve a Google Photos “error” that saves iOS pics in their initial quality without counting toward usage of Google Drive, getting rid of the need to pay for additional space when your free 15GB gets over. As the HEIC file format Apple employs to store pics is well-organized as compared to Google’s lowered “high quality” JPEG files, Google Photos just takes the originals—it would actually waste processing time and space converting the HEIC pictures.

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