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Iran ‘foils second cyber-attack in a week’

In less than a week, a second attempt for a cyber-attack has been foiled by the Iranians said the country’s telecommunications minister. The attack was aimed at targeting electronic systems of the government.

Iran’s telecom minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi announced the news not mentioning much of the details about the hackers. A similar attack was done on the previous Wednesday.  In fact, in June this year, another cyber-attack was launched which targeted Iran’s nuclear weapon systems but the unable to break past the security protocols and the firewalls in the system.

Mr. Jahromi did mention a few details of the attack though. He said that the cybersecurity project known as “Dejfa fortress” was able to fend off the attack that had used the very popular APT27. It has been tracked down to Chinese speaking hackers.

Any other details about the attack were not mentioned but Mr. Jahromi said that the servers from where the data was sent had been tracked.

Last Wednesday Mr. Jahromi said Iran’s official news channel Ima news agency that there had been a massive attack on Iran’s electronic infrastructure. The previous day the minister had turned reports which claimed that millions of bank accounts of Iranians had been hacked.

The attack that happened in June was done by hackers in the US according to Washington Post newspaper. It was aimed at disabling the rocket and missile launchers including the controls of the nuclear weapons.

Sources say that the attack was done to retaliate as the US had blamed Iran for shooting down a US drone and also firing missiles on oil tankers. Mr. Trump said that the US government is thinking about implementing more sanctions on Iran to clamp down Tehran from obtaining technology and other equipments for making nuclear weapons and put economic pressure on the country to force it to change its course.

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