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Trump administration to send senior officials in CES event

The administration of Donald Trump is going to send a huge contingent of its senior ranked officials to a gathering of technology which takes place next week at Las Vegas with the tech industry facing an increased level of scrutiny in Washington.

Elaine Chao who is the Transportation Secretary. Wilbur Ross who is the Commerce Secretary, Dan Brouillette who is the Energy Secretary and Ivanka Trump who is the adviser of White House are going to be among over 150 more government officials who are going to be from all parts of the world will be attending this event known as CES.

In the years earlier, the event had been drawing a less officials of United States, usually only one official of the cabinet and had not drawn any of them in the year 2019 as the government had shutdown.

This event goes from the 7th of January till 10th of January and is attended by over 175,000 visitors and around 4500 companies which exhibit the new technologies including the battery manufacturers, airlines, carmakers as well as many of the tech start-ups.

White House has said that the improvements in technology is a way of boosting the employment in United States and has been working for the easing of regulatory barriers for advancing the technologies such as self-drive cars as well as drones. At this time, the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department have been probing about such firms such as Alphabet, Facebook, Apple and have been violating the antitrust laws.

The largest of the tech firms have been usually making it a rule to skip the CES event and have instead been holding the events of their own.

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