Howard Marks feels Trump re-election will stabilize markets.

Howard Marks who is the co-founder of the Oaktree Capital Management has made a lot of money by his investment in the distressed debt. He has said that a victory in the elections of 2020 for Trump is going to provide a lot of relief to the investors of the Wall Street.

In an interview on Tuesday, Marks has said that the stance of Trump being pro-business ever since he first won the presidential term in the year 2016 in a stunning manner against his rival at that time Hillary Clinton has made him a darling of the crowd in financial markets who have deep pockets.

The investor who is 73 years of age boasts of a net worth that is $2.2 billion and has said that his roster of the candidates who are campaigning for presidency is going to be assessed partly on how his policies are pro-business or anti-business.

In terms of the market, it completely depends on whether they have a president who is being perceived as pro-business or as anti-business he told a media house recently.

He has further said that Michael Bloomberg who is the former mayor of New York City and has come into the race of being a presidential candidate is being seen as a candidate who is business-friendly and he has also called Joe Biden, the former Vice President as being moderately business-friendly.

He said that Elizabeth Warren who has been rising through the ranks of the presidential polls but has made sure that she alienated a lot of wealthy people with the proposition of wealth tax.

The question according to him boils down to the fact that there is no other alternative apart from Trump.

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