News Anchor Takes Legal Action Against Facebook And Reddit

Internet behemoths are about to face one more exam of their legal responsibility for the posts they host. The media has learned that Karen Hepp (Fox 29 News anchor) filed a court case in opposition to Giphy, Facebook, Reddit, Imgur, and XNXX (the porn outlet) for supposedly causing “irreparable damage” to her reputation and breaching her right of publicity after a photo (from convenience store security) of her emerged on those websites without her permission. It is not obvious how the image distributed, but it turned up in a dating ad on Facebook, Imgur pictures with sex-based tags, another erectile dysfunction ad, and a Reddit community for sexualized pics of older females.

Hepp claimed she did not know that her image had been snapped, and did not recall the location or name of the store. She also was not aware of how the image may have made its path online. The court case calls on the websites to both take down the images and offer compensation.

The odds of success are not high. The contentious Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act defends websites in opposition to legal responsibility for consumer-uploaded material, comprising ads. Hepp might have to either prove that the websites intentionally hosted the image or targeted the people who uploaded the pic. This does show the legal issues related with dealing non-consensual images, however.

On a related note, after Pinterest, Facebook earlier claimed that is rolling out a new program targeted at dealing with anti-vaccine misinformation. From now onwards, whenever Facebook consumers look for vaccine-associated posts, comprising via hashtags and groups, the social media firm will show a card that directs those people to rather get data from a credible source. In the US, the alert will take users to the site for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

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