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Apple Drops Trade-In Values For Almost All Of Its Products

 The already low official trade-in values offered by Apple for iPads, iPhones, and Macs have slumped further down as the company lowered the maximum payouts for its used devices. Customers opting for a trade-in already received much lower prices for their devices as compared to the street value. Customers do opt for official trade-ins though as it saves them time and keeps them away from the hassle of looking up for a buyer.

Apple customers do rely a lot on upgrading their device and trade-in was increasingly becoming a top choice for them. While time might be considered a factor, the move does look like a cost-cutting attempt from the company. The iPhone XR, that previously had a trade-in value of USD 370, will now fetch the seller a maximum of USD 300. The price cut on iMac Pro is around USD 90 as it will now have a trade-in value of USD 4150, down from the previous value of USD 4240. The iPad Pro too will fetch the seller USD 70 less than its previous trade-in value. The lowest trade-in value will be carried by the iPhone 6S for which Apple will be shelling out a maximum of USD 80.

Talking of using old iPhones, Apple is planning to bring up a robot that can recycle iPhones in the most productive manner. The robot called ‘Daisy’ will be able to recycle iPhones in such a way that the minerals are recovered in a reusable state. The move is to cut down dependency on mining industry for essential minerals, a goal that is still dubbed as impossible by a few analysts. California-based The Cupertino is aiming to become a closed-loop manufacturer of minerals beating the mining industry with the robot.

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