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Emmanuel Macron ‘not sure’ of UK-EU trade deal by end of year

Emmanuel Macron the President of France has casted his doubts on the completion of the UK-EU trade deal by this year. According to him the chances of the completion of trade deal within 31st December this year is very less. Britain is in a transition period after the Brexit deal was finalized and was put into effect by the Boris Johnson led government.

The comments from the French President come as the UK government told that it would bring out its own mandate this week. Mr. Macron told that the negotiations which might start in March would be highly tensed. The economic minister in France had already warned Britain that it would have to deal with cut throat competition as it was no longer a part of the EU union.

The UK government is expected to draft its mandate in a style that it follows with Canada with relief on tariffs of some essential goods Canada buys and sells with the countries of the EU.

After its departure from the EU that came into effect on 31st January among huge protests UK is in a transition period for one year. It is currently following the set of rules as per the EU.

In a meeting with the fishermen in Paris he told the chances of the trade deal being finalized this year are slim. He also told that the fishing rights would be one of the most confronted areas within the deal.

The UK has already hinted out that the deal must be set in such a way so that the British fishing grounds are mainly for the fishermen in the UK.

EU chief negotiator has already told to the media that the type of deal it EU has with Canada cannot happen because of some major differences. Mr. Barnier who is the chief negotiator from the EU has told that it would help Britain in forming the trade deal without harming the interests of its own members.

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