Lenovo is building another standalone VR headset, but it’s not for consumers

Lenovo hasn’t made the best wagers in computer-generated reality up until now, however it appears as though the organization’s going to attempt again — as per another FCC petitioning for the “Lenovo VR3030S,” which organization docs distinguish as an up and coming independent VR headset.

Independent implies that like Lenovo’s past Mirage Solo or the Oculus Quest, it shouldn’t expect you to connect a telephone or PC, on the grounds that the handling power is constructed directly in. However, where the disastrous Mirage Solo depended on Google’s adequately outdated Daydream VR stage, another headset will probably run on an alternate one: maybe Valve’s Steam VR, Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality, or possibly Facebook’s Oculus?

Discussing Lenovo’s unfortunate wagers in computer-generated reality, the Chinese hardware organization was behind the Oculus Rift S headset — you know, the fastened PC one that injury up assuming a supporting role to the independent Oculus Quest.

While the FCC filings don’t offer some other subtleties on the new independent VR headset, we’re interested if Lenovo will submit FCC accreditation records for another arrangement of VR controllers, as well — the Mirage Solo ended up depending on Google-manufactured wands, in spite of the fact that Lenovo wound up building its very own straightforward two-button sticks for its second-gen Mirage AR headset with Disney.

Lenovo has a long haul see that AR [augmented reality] and VR are a basic space and that VR is a characteristic advancement of registering.

While Lenovo had exhibited some earnestness around VR with the arrival of its Explorer blended reality headset for Windows PCs just as Jedi Challenges – a Star Wars expanded reality game and going with equipment – there hadn’t been anything to recommend it was keen on making its own VR stage until the declaration of the Mirage Solo.

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