Losing just a little weight can control type 2 Diabetes

People suffering from Type 2 Diabetes might get lucky with the latest discovery made by British researchers. Patients need not lose massive weight in order to remain healthy. The latest study have shown that if one can lose just 10% of the current body weight in initial 5 years of having the disease, it might lead to complete erase of type 2 diabetes. For instance – someone with 180 pounds of weight just need to be 168 pounds. The type of diet maintained for getting the work done is not important. Furthermore, it s also not important if the weight was reduced fast enough or slow.

Physician from University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine in U.K, Dr. HajiraDambha-Miller said that losing weight by small numbers would be equally beneficial. Going to extremes in either exercise or diet is unnecessary. She also gave hope saying type 2 diabetes would not bother anyone for the rest of their lives. The condition would get better by weight loss and maintaining it.

Researchers had calculated that nearly 400 million people are affected by this condition across the globe. Generally it is thought to be a lifelong progressive disorder. However, notable loss in weight as well as tough diet has chances of absolute cure in approximately 90% people. In fact, people might also opt for surgeries to reduce weight. In one report, it stated that extreme exercise on a regular basis along with proper weight loss of 7% of the total weight has ended up in complete cure for 12% patients.

Researchers later said that targeting remission should not be so harsh. Dambha-Miller commented that not everyone can choose tough exercise and extreme diet. It is not logical and most of the patients would fail midway. Besides, patients would easily get frustrated if they cannot see immediate results in extreme diet and workouts. A standard diet and exercise plan is therefore just the perfect remedy for those suffering from this condition.

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