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Need For Accurate And Quick Covid-19 Testing To Drive The Global Rapid Microbiology Testing Market Growth

Rapid microbiology testing techniques, or microbiological techniques, are the technologies that are beneficial to get microbiology tests results quicker in comparison to traditional culture-plate techniques. A steady shift has been observed over the years to rapid testing methods from conventional microbiology testing. This change has been propelled by the advent of quicker and newer technologies to ward off the requirement for bacteria’s biological multiplication for detection. Fast developments in the microbial testing field assist to surpass limitations like lengthy procedure times and extended contact with pathogenic strains while using traditional testing techniques.

Further, constant technological innovations in microbiology testing, considering efficiency, efficacy, quicker results, enhanced functionality, and accuracy, results in escalated usage in hospitals, clinical laboratories, research laboratories, academic institutes, and biotechnology & pharmaceutical firms. All these factors are projected to drive the growth of the global rapid microbiology testing market.

In addition, the rising food safety worries, funding, incidence of infectious diseases, public-private investments, and research grants are other key factors contributing to the market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the rising implementation of microbiology testing for the infectious disease analysis in humans is also anticipated to drive the expansion of the global rapid microbiology testing market. Apart from this, the growing importance on early and effective disease diagnosis is another key factor projected to fuel the market growth in the years to come.

In the latest of events, coronavirus outburst has created chaos all around the world. The rising number of patients is the major concern and thus the government and numerous leading product manufacturers are extremely dedicated to the development of technologically advanced and pioneering molecular diagnostic products for the rapid testing of coronavirus. This is likely to bring up new opportunities for the players in the global rapid microbiology testing market. To cite, in mid-April, Spartan Bioscience, the Ottawa-based Bioscience company, has obtained grant from the Canadian government for distribution and production of a rapid testing device for COVID-19 virus, the Spartan Cube. The firm claims that the tool will deliver test outcomes within an hour and would be one of the quickest tests obtainable at present.

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