Admatazz Has Unified the Digital Mandate for Organica Biotech

Admatazz is an independent digital creative agency that innovates engaging digital solutions for businesses. The company has backed the unified digital mandate for Organica Biotech. Organica Biotech is a leader in biotechnology, and the brand adopts robust microbial solutions to keep on innovating in the fields of solid waste management, agriculture, sanitization, industrial wastewater treatment, and sewage treatment.

Admatazz will further enhance the visibility of the brand across different platforms through social media, content management, and SEO. In addition, the agency will shape the digital journey by designing and developing e-commerce platforms, particularly for Bioclean Septic. Bioclean Septic is a leading brand vertical that emphasizes natural microbial septic tank treatment solutions.

Ganesh Kamath, director, Organica Biotech, says, “We’re thrilled to be associated with Admatazz. We believe that this partnership and the agency’s deep understanding of the overall media landscape will help us in propagating our core philosophy and strengthening our presence in the market while creating a path to a sustainable future.”

Yash Chandiramani, founder & chief strategist, commented, “We’re privileged to have Organica Biotech on board. It is a brand that has been constantly innovating through product excellence and delivering on consumer needs, and we are excited to be a part of their journey. We look forward to expanding their digital presence and delivering strong business outcomes with our digital expertise and understanding of consumer insights.”

Organica Biotech Private Limited is widely involved in innovating natural and sustainable solutions to resolve the issues pertaining to waste management and sanitation. The company has grown to over 45 countries and is offering effective and eco-friendly solutions. In addition, the rich expertise of the company has augmented the development and innovation of products that resolve present-day problems. The products are crafted and formulated to unveil the potential of microbes to resolve global sanitation problems. The company is closely in touch with CSR and NGO events to impede the sanitation issues. Furthermore, the company not only offers portable toilets but also helps in enhancing the maintenance of current lavoratories, including the transient and community toilets at tourist areas, construction sites, schools, and rural areas. They are collaborating more with different municipal corporations to leverage the maintenance of existing community toilets.

Admatazz was started as an in-house data analytics and video team. It further expanded into different sectors, including automobile and banking, with the fast-growing team. Later, the company also won the National level accounts and the ‘top small business of the Year’ title award. Furthermore, by harnessing the power of social media, the company is further taking the business to the next level with Yash Chandiramani – the founder of the company.

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