Advancement In Healthcare Devices Is Set To Boost The Growth Of The Global Infusion Syringe Pump Market

An infusion syringe pump is a medical device used to draw fluids majorly the drugs and nutrients to treat illness. Its most common use is to maintain adequate levels of fluids and is also used to provide nutrients and sustain wellbeing in patients. Infusion syringe pumps have a variety of application in healthcare and wellbeing domain. The increase in the ambulatory infusion pump may be due to its important role in the distribution of chemotherapy, analgesics, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and other infusions. To reduce the high cost of treatment, the trend is shifting from hospital services to outpatient services in developed markets. With the increase in demand for outpatient and hospital care, infusions are stimulating the growth of the global market for infusion syringes pumps market.

Recently in April, 2021, Medtronic announced the launch of Medtronic’s extended diabetes infusion kit in selected European countries. Medtronic presents expanded infusion kits as the first and only infusion kits that a diabetic patient can take in seven days, since most infusion pumps that deliver insulin to the body need to be changed every few days. The newly launched infusion kit can be used with Medtronic MiniMed 600 and 700 series insulin pumps. In addition to Medtronic’s new extended infusion set, Medtronic’s extended reservoir has been tested and approved for safe storage of insulin for seven days.

The global infusion syringe pump market is majorly classified based on type, application, and region. The global market, based on the type is bifurcated into syringe, enteral, implantable, and other. Moreover, based on the application, the global market for infusion syringe pump market is divided into hospitals, home care, ambulatory surgical centers (ASCS), and others.

Region-wise, the Asia Pacific region dominate the global infusion syringe pump market. The rapid improvement in the health insurance sector, the increase in access to advanced health care and the expansion of private rural hospitals should create a profitable scenario for the infusion pump market in this region. In the North American and European markets, the markets for infusion syringe pumps are expected to occupy a significant share of the world market and remain dominant in the forecast period.

The global infusion syringe pump market is presently dominated by various leading players such as Chemyx Inc, Baxter International Inc., Braintree Scientic Inc, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Johnson & Johnson, Moog Inc., Smiths Medical (A Division of Smiths Group PLC), Angel Electronic Equipment Co, KD Scientic, Terumo Corporation, Becton Dickinson and Company (BD), Fresenius SE & CO., Pzer Inc., Medtronic plc, and KGaA, among others.

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