Africa Health Holdings, a healthcare business, has received $18 million in Series A funding to expand its tech-enabled services

Africa Health Holdings, a healthcare firm with multiple hospitals, has raised USD 18 million in a Series A round. The funds will be used to develop the company’s “technologically advanced healthcare system” across Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.

TRB Advisors, M3, Inc., SUNU Capital, Breyer Capital, Kepple Ventures, and Valiant Capital all partook in the round of investment, which was directed by Natural World Ltd and Asia Pacific Land.

Africa Health Holdings, located in Western Africa, plans to use the funds to expand its telemedicine service beyond Ghana, to Nigeria and Kenya. As more individuals throughout the continent become connected, the company plans to expand its portfolio beyond in-person meetings and allow electronic follow-ups using its mobile app.

The MyCareMobile app, according to the company, gives patients teleconferencing access to a variety of services, including doctor consultations. This is in addition to offering access to test findings and emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Africa Health Holdings plans to grow by bringing its telemedicine technology to a variety of countries. The telemedicine service is currently only available in Ghana, but it will soon spread to Kenya and Nigeria, according to Sangu Delle, the firm’s chairman and CEO.

Delle is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, as well as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. He was also the founder and former CEO of Golden Palm Investments, an investment holding company focused on early-stage African possibilities.

To “address Africa’s disproportionate share of the global disease burden,” he launched Africa Health Holdings.

Increased demand for virtual consultations, which has developed as people seek alternative means to attract the attention of health professionals as a result of the COVID pandemic, has expedited the company’s intentions to integrate telemedicine, according to the TED fellow. Approximately 200,000 patients use Africa Health Holdings’ telemedicine platform for referrals and treatment each year.

The company now has a bold plan to expand its reach in its current three areas while also looking into prospects in North, East, and Southern Africa. This is in accordance with their goal of becoming Africa’s largest healthcare provider.

“Afrika Health Holdings has started engaging in micro-tech-enabled facilities using virtual doctors’ clinics that are equipped with diagnostic equipment and nursing assistance, primarily for those from lower socioeconomic groups,” Delle stated.

“At a lower cost, individuals can attend micro-tech-enabled clinics, virtually visit with doctors, confer with nurses, and obtain treatment and/or referrals for additional care,” he stated.

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