Al Gore believes climate change is happening faster than most believe.

The former vice president of United States, Al Gore is of the belief that the crisis of climate is getting worse at a rate which is a lot faster than has been realized by most of the people and it has been described as a major challenge to the moral imagination which they have.

While he delivered the closing remarks this Wednesday at the panel session of World Economic Forum, he spoke about the emergency climate very passionately.

At a stage, the co-founder of the Generation Investment Management in comparison to the scale of crisis for a number of the infamous events in the history.

This is a lot worse than what a lot of people have realized and it is intensifying at a level which is much faster than it is being appreciated as per Gore.

He compared the climate change to Agincourt, Dunkirk, Bulge and Thermopylae even 9/11.

The comments of Gore had followed the hottest year which has been recorded in the ocean of the world and the second hottest year in the temperatures on an average in the world and the wildfires from the United States from Australia to Amazon.

The World Economic Forum in the year in the town of Davos has been focusing on the climate change. This event has in a lot of cases been criticized for it being completely out of sync with the real world and has said that it is aiming to assist the governments and the institutions internationally for tracking the progress of the Paris Agreement and the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations.

On this Tuesday, the President of United States has dismissed the prophets of the doom on the climate change calling for the political action.

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