Amazon Sends Order Confirmations To The Incorrect Individuals Accidentally

Twenty Amazon users in the US had their order upgrades sent through email to the incorrect person due to a “technical problem.” Amazon verified the issue after a media report exposed it. Apart from a person’s order, these emails comprised other sensitive data, comprising delivery addresses and names. For what it is worth, Amazon claims credit card and email information was not added in the updates.

In a statement to the media, a spokesperson at Amazon claimed that the firm has dealt with the problem and is in the procedure of contacting impacted users. While only a small amount of people were impacted, Amazon did not appear too worried, at least as per one Twitter consumers. “Carmen GB,” a Texas neuroscientist, shared a thread of 24 tweets on her experience with Amazon support after the firm gave her somebody else’s order. Carmen claims that the executive she talked with was alarmingly offhand about the case, informing her “it happens most of the times.” Notably, the worker went on to state Amazon did not contact people whose data it shared unintentionally. They also claimed that they only escalated reports of delinquent emails when somebody called about the case, not when they are emailed about it.

Over the last year, Amazon has gone though more extensive, other security problems. In November, the firm held a “technical issue” responsible for exposing an unknown number of customer emails and names. Two months before that, the media posted a report that stated the firm was probing a number of its workers in China and the US for leaking info to 3rd-party sellers in exchange for cash.

On a related note, on the same day that Amazon declared plans to renovate its business rules for its 3rd-party sellers, the European Commission EC opened an official antitrust probe into the retailer, intended to evaluate whether its employment of sensitive merchant info is in breach of EU competition laws.

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