Apple CEO Tim Cook rakes in $125 million as his remuneration for 2019

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook had taken a cut in his pay in the previous year however despite this pay cut it has been revealed that he was able to take a mammoth $125 million home.

The salary which had been received from Cook was $3 million for the year 2019 which was similar to the year before and his bonus had seen a decrease from $12 million to $7.67 million as per the filings made on this Friday.

The compensation in total was $125 million in the previous year and had come down from a huge $136 million in the year 2018.

A lot of the compensation of Cook had come in both these years from his stock awards from Apple.

Cook had last month defended the monopolies in business and said that there is no problem as long as there is no abuse of the position. He further went on to say whether the firms which had been crossing the line should be decided by the regulators and not the CEOs.

He had however denied that Apple has any monopoly in any of its sector in the wake of the accusations from the app developers who accuse the contrary.

It was announced in July that the Justice Department had opened an antitrust investigation into the big companies in technology in order to see whether the platforms online had hurt the competition and suppressed the innovation or harmed the customers otherwise.

Cook also said that they had major competitors in the form of Samsung Electronics and Huawei when it comes to the division of smartphones which is among the main divisions of the company.

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