Assistant-Friendly Nest WiFi Router By Google Available Now

You now have your opportunity to try Google’s Assistant-fueled, latest take on home networking. As committed, Nest WiFi is now accessible via Google’s shop and other online outlets. You can purchase the core router with a price tag of $169, but the system only actually comes alive when you purchase Points that both expand the mesh network and acts as smart speakers by Google Assistant. A standard bundle with one Point and a router has a price tag of $269, while a 3-pack will serve huge homes for a price of $349. You can purchase further points online for $149.

Nest WiFi has its share of restrictions. You will not find a broadseries of USB ports (none) or Ethernet (just two). It is not going to offer WiFi 6 speeds. And certainly, you are making a deep investment in the ecosystem by Google—you would be better off with Eero device if you are a fan of Alexa. If you are developing a smart home system from ground, this can offer you the groundwork you require without having to buy different speakers and networking gear.

On a related note, while a lot of stuff was about new device in the launch event by Google last month, Nest also made time to speak about how its machines will operate within the Works with Google Assistant service the firm declared in August. In a statement, Nest detailed 3 new methods you will be capable of using the firm’s smart home machines within the upgraded framework.

To begin with, the firm is rolling out a new Device Access initiative that will let “qualified” associates to ask for access to your Nest machines. The concept here is that this incorporation will offer you yet one more method to manage all the smart home machinesyou own.

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