AT&T Offers Users Bonus Data And A $10 Cost Hike

AT&T users who enroll to the firm’s Mobile Share Value services are reporting that an extra mobile data worth 15GB have been included to their plan. As per media, the telecom firm is placing this as an “additional benefit,” but is also charging the recipients an extra monthly $10. It seems like AT&T—and not the users—is the one receiving an additional benefit.

Even the support paper takes a liberal understanding of the b-word: “Enjoy extra data. Beginning with your bill for October 2019, you will get an extra data worth 15GB on your Mobile Share plan. This extra data comes for a $10 price tag.”

These plans were not cheap to start with; the least costly choice was monthly $100 (before taxes and fees) for 20GB of data. Now it is monthly $110 for 35GB. The fact that all plans in Mobile Share Value provide rollover data makes the requirement for extra monthly data even more doubtful; the whole point is that users can accumulate several GBs to fall back on during heavy-use months.

$10 does not appear like a whole lot of cash, but it includes up. More essentially, it is irritating to be so boldly reminded that a firm can charge customers and alter a contract without much notice. Other “perks” AT&T has offered its users comprise throttling “limitless” plans and increasing TV subscription prices 2 times this year.

The media got a comment from AT&T, which claimed, “We are interacting with some users regarding alterations to their mobile plans. Users have the option to alter their plan at any time and can always communicate with us regarding questions or to know their options.” In different words, there is no way to keep their initial plan. It is likely that AT&T made this decision in expectations of users moving to limitless plans.

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