Bill Maher suggests a potential risk between childhood vaccines and autism


Bill Maher, Real Time Host implied it is accurate to suggest a connection among childhood vaccines and autism, which is a dangerous and exposed theory putting lives of kids at danger. Maher made this surprising claim during a conference with Dr. Jay Gordon, a controversial doctor and a pediatrician, who is believed to have a stable, modest view about vaccines. Vaccines were discussed by the pair and his personal medical theory was shared by Gordon regarding pros and cons related to modern medicines.

In the year 2015, it was told to CBS News by Gordon that, hundreds of individual belief exceptions were retained by him to school vaccine necessities. It was claimed by him that measles was nearlyconstantly a benign childhood sickness that parents never wanted to worry about. Gordon said that, this outbreak of measles does not pose risk to a healthy child, and quite openly, according to him, it does not possess any threat to a healthy kid. When it comes to discussing regarding the side effects of vaccines as divergent to extraconduct, the discussion is shut, said Gordon. He added that, when anyone asks antibiotics from him, he talks about them but when it comes to vaccines, the conversation is shut.

Maher asked by saying, a lot is still unknown about how the human body responds. So how doinjections fit with it? What’s with all the chemicals? There are thousands of pollutants, chemicals, irritants. So, I’m just curious, he added. It has been found by studies and top health experts that, there is no such association among autism and the life-redeemable MMR vaccine. Anti-vaxxers have sold the dangerous myth for nearly twenty-five years, after a now uncovered study suggested there was a relation among these two. However, scientists are still focusing on the roots of what causes autism.

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