Coronavirus makes grocery stores take special measures

As the numbers grow for the cases of coronavirus, there is an increase in the number of efforts which are being made by the grocery stores for doing their part so that there is enough for the senior citizens particularly as they are at most risk to stock themselves up in a safer manner.

The stores had first altered the opening hours and the cleaning procedures as well as the delivery options for catering to these customers. However after there was a growing concern for the ones who are very susceptible to the coronavirus, there are many chains like Target, Walmart and Safeway which have announced that they will be ensuring a special hour for the senior citizens and the ones who are in need to get their supplies comfortably to avoid the crowds. Publix has also given out a statement where they explained how they came to this decision saying that they have been leaders in the customers service and it was their responsibility for being with the people in these difficult times at the price which is most reasonable and therefore they are happy to offer the experience which people have been used to expecting particularly in the times of distress like this.

The outbreak of coronavirus has been now growing rapidly and has reached over 300,000 people all over the world and there are calls for people to call up their nearest stores to be sure of what time is being offered by the stores to the seniors particularly. The grocery stores are important particularly when there is a lockdown as these are essential supplies which every person is in the need of.

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