Cramer calls the stock market situation frantic as people wanting to buy in badly

The investors are wanting to buy so badly into the stock markets that they are willing to use the plunge overnight of the markets due to the retaliation of Iran Military against the United States as a reason as per Jim Cramer on Wednesday morning.

Cramer said that the desperation of getting into the market is extraordinary at this moment and called this urge frantic. He said that they were not even willing to wait for the opening bell to ring in and want to use every bit as an advantage for being able to get in.

The comments of Cramer have come post the futures of S&P 500 turning higher early on the morning of Wednesday as they came back from a drop that had occurred overnight as an immediate repercussion of the missiles which had been dropped by Iran on the Iraq airbases.

At the time of opening, the stocks turned out to be relatively flat on Wednesday.

The S&P 500 had been based on the close on Tuesday and had been less than 1% away from its record highs. The index in the year 2019 had soared over 28% for their best gain annually in six years.

In the trading which took place late morning on Wednesday, the S&P 500 had hit a high of all time as the president of the country Donald Trump made an address to the nation and said that Iran was supposedly standing down in addition to the reassurance that none of the servicemen had been hurt in the strike.

Crude also steadied similar to the stocks after a surge overnight in the prices by 4% post the attacks on Iraq.

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