Delta planning to become carbon neutral in the next decade

Delta Airlines has planned to become carbon neutral in the coming decade however that does not mean that it is going to stop the emission of carbon and if facts are to be suggested that it is not going to do that.

The CEO of Delta, Ed Bastian has said in the interview on Friday that they will be continuing the use of jet fuel for as long as they can. They are going to invest in the technologies for the reduction of the impact on jet fuel. However he doesn’t see a long future where they are eliminating the jet fuel from the footprint.

Delta is going to be needed to use the offsets of carbon for becoming carbon neutral either buying them in markets or making an investment in the projects for reducing the carbon in atmosphere like the programs for tree planting.

The air travel has created a major amount of the carbon emissions. Delta has reported in the year 2018, the most recent of the years for which the data has been available. The emissions of carbon dioxide have come up to be 37.7 million metric tons with as many as 98% of them coming from the emissions of aircraft.

Flying as per the environmental experts is among the worst ways to travel when the emissions of carbon are concerned.

The experts have been asking for people to avoid the flight travels where there are other options available like road travel or train or bus travel which are considered to be best.

Delta has said that it is going to spend a total of close to $1 billion in the next decade for meeting the target.

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