Facebook Can Fill Out Your Dating Profile With Current Stories

If Facebook Dating is going to vie against the behemoths of the hookup realm, then it means providing livelier profiles—and it will not shock you to know how it is going to achieve that. You can now share your current Instagram or Facebook Stories in Dating to offer possible partners a sense of who you actually are. If they are enamored, they can send a Like to (confidently) receive the sparks flying.

You can keep seeing at Stories as long as one side has not banned or passed on the other. And sharing your Stories does not alter your settings for sharing in Instagram or Facebook—you do not have to be concerned about broadening access to your account only to entice somebody.

This is not an innovation. Bumble is no foreigner to vanishing videos, and Tinder is adding Snapchat Stories. It is also been achievable to connect your account on Instagram to Tinder. On the other hand, this does display that Facebook is resolute to make its dating platform aggressive, if just by using the enormous tools it already has under its sleeves.

On a related note, over a year after Facebook revealed its dating offering, the company earlier brought it to the US. Facebook’s product lead, Nathan Sharp, disclosed the news in New York City at an event, making the US the 20th nation where Facebook Dating is now present. Apart from coming to the US, Facebook Dating is accessible in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Canada, Ecuador, Columbia, Laos, Guyana, Mexico, Malaysia, Peru, Paraguay, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Suriname, Vietnam, and Uruguay. Facebook claims the service will be arriving to Europe, as well, “by early next year.”The firm also declared two new functions for Facebook Dating that were launched earlier.

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