Financial Markets in Euro Zone suffer heavily as deaths rise

The financial markets have been facing one more volatile week as the escalation of the coronavirus crisis has tipped the economy into a downturn which a few of the companies are going to struggle in surviving. As Italy, France and Spain have been in a lockdown. The recession in the Eurozone is now looking inevitable. And while the share price which is falling has captured the newsmaker’s attention in the last week, analysts are of the belief that there is a corporate debt crisis building as there is a reversal in global growth.

There are fears of the cash flow crunch which have also been rising as the consumers who are self-isolated shun the shops and restaurants and other travel links are curbed. The experts have said that they are not underplaying challenges at hand here. A larger proportion of the business is facing a major challenge of the cash flow pressures and without there being cash, the firms won’t be able to survive for a very long time.

The margins of banks are squeezed already and the asset managers have been vulnerable to the present situation of the market as the insurers are facing a double hit potentially of the increase in claims and the decrease in portfolios.

The index of MSCI has seen a plunge of 12.4% in the previous week which was its heaviest loss after the infamous bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in the year 2008.

With a late revival, the Wall Street has seen a surge by 9% on the Afternoon of Friday as Donald Trump had declared the emergency due to Coronavirus however the futures trading has suggested that the Dow Jones may fall by the level of 5% upon the resumption of Trading on Monday.

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