FUJIFILM Healthcare, based in Europe, is now employing ServiceMax to Help with Outcome-based Medical Solutions

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe has selected and installed ServiceMax’s field service management platform for the digitization of its service operations in Europe, according to a frontrunner in asset-concentric field service management firm ServiceMax, Inc. ServiceMax will enable FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe to support hospitals and other medical providers with more custom-made service and solutions as they endure to expand the diagnostic and treatment proficiencies to patients as part of its evolution from a product-centric services strategy to outcome-based solutions.

With FUJIFILM Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, FUJIFILM operates approximately 50 group companies and branches in Europe, involved in R&D, manufacture, sales, and service. FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, previously Hitachi Medical Systems Europe, grow into part of the FUJIFILM on March 31, 2021. In all types of clinical applications, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe is a first-choice supplier of open and powerful high-field MRI systems, multi-slice CT systems, and medical ultrasound equipment. FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe collaborates with FUJIFILM Medical Systems Europe, operating as a one-stop medical imaging partner that adds value and contributes to the advancement of medical care.

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe will achieve operational excellence by digitizing its service operations, resulting in higher employee and customer satisfaction and more effective service management.

“We had always planned to transition our service personnel away from paper, but COVID-19 drove us to reconsider aspects of healthcare and link digitally,” stated Jean-Luc Budillon, President and COO of FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe. “Our goal is to become a premier healthcare provider with exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technologies. The ServiceMax platform means that we can always give prompt and tailored help to our engineers while maintaining prioritizing individual connections and commitments with our clients, thanks to our change to result based solutions. ServiceMax is the appropriate partner to help us take service care to the next level since we are a committed team that goes above and beyond for our customers.”

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe now has easy and rapid access to essential client information, such as equipment installed, details of the contract, and warranty term, as well as specific parts, thanks to a complete digitization of its technical service support process. As a result, the organization can now improve service planning and spare part management, resulting in a better customer experience.

“With ServiceMax, we can organize resources more effectively and provide quicker and more responsive customer support,” said Robbert Merkus, Head of Services Europe at FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe. “With dashboard tracking and administration of all KPIs for our outcome-based solutions, ServiceMax greatly streamlines our review process.”

In November 2020, ServiceMax was launched in Italy, and it is now being rolled out across Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, and DACH.

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