Gaylord feels no problems of internet as of now

The number of people who have been studying, working and spending a lot of leisure time at home and this means that there are concerns about the services of internet are going to be able to handle the increased traffic however those who are aware of networks of Cape have  said that they should not be alarmed. The founder of OpenCape, Arthur Gaylord has said that this is not going to be a big deal as this technology company is owned by the fiber optic network of the region saying that there are many more things which have to be worried about.

The internet overall is not going to be having any problems which deal with changes in the traffic patterns which are caused by the pandemic of coronavirus as per Gaylord. A few of the services like the online tools for the teaching may not have sufficient servers to be supporting them as of now however this might change

Generally, the users may not be seeing a problem as per Gaylord. There is a capacity which is enough when everyone is home in the lockdowns for the online tools for teaching and the services which might not have been enough for supporting them but this may change if it is going to go on for a longer term.

It has been built for handling the higher levels of traffic as per him. For the ones who have a problem typically faced problems from working from home in the internet speeds. Gaylord has said that it is depending on what is the connection that they have. A lot of people have been able to stream Netflix so it isn’t a problem.

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