Global Diagnostic Imaging Services Market TP Spur With Rising Importance Of Early Disease Detection

Medical imaging or Diagnostic imaging denotes the numerous different technologies utilized to probe the human body to monitor, or treat any specific medical conditions linked to any type of diseases. Diagnostic imaging has turned out to be a vital section of healthcare industries globally. In The recent years, technological advancement has helped in increasing the diagnosis precision and accuracy of diagnostic imaging services.

The global diagnostic imaging services market is anticipated to be driven mainly owing to the swift rise in the geriatric population along with escalating alertness about early detection of diseases and clinical applications. In addition, the growing initiatives by several healthcare organizations regarding the diagnostic imaging services and their beneficial uses will further boost the market expansion. Diagnostic imaging plays a significant role in identification of devastating diseases like cancer. Also, it was quite useful in the identification of life-threatening infectious diseases like Covid-19.

In 2020, Shenzhen-based China Company, Ping Insurance, had introduced a new smart imaging system to aid doctors with accurate and efficient diagnosis by means of Artificial intelligence technology for COVID-19 detection. In addition, the growing incidence of lifestyle-associated diseases and the rising healthcare spending are also factors expected to spur the market growth. Also, the rising funding and expenditure by the government for research in order to modernize the imaging services along with technological developments in imaging systems to enhance the healthcare infrastructure will also fuel market growth to a great extent during the coming period.

The global diagnostic imaging services market can be segregated based on application, procedure, service provider, and geography. The market, by application, is bifurcated into cardiology, neurology, musculoskeletal, oncology, and others. The market, by procedure, is categorized into computed tomography, X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, radiography, nuclear imaging, and others. The market, based on service provider, is diversified into research laboratories, diagnostic centers, clinics & hospitals, and others.

Regionally, the global diagnostic imaging services market is projected to be ruled by North America during the forecast period with highest share owing to swift innovations, launch of new products, and progressing technologies. The second rank in the global market is expected to be captured by Europe owing to the accessibility of research funding and existence of robust research & academic base. Furthermore, escalating alertness among population for early disease detection and growing number of diagnostic imaging services will also boost this regional market growth in near future.

Few of the active players in the global diagnostic imaging services market include Center for Novant Health, Medquest Associates Inc., Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), Dignity Health, Simonmed, Alliance Medical, Touchstone Imaging, Sonic Healthcare, Medica Group, Consensys Imaging Service, Inc., Global Diagnostics, Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited, Progressive Radiology, InHealth Group, Alliance Healthcare Services, and others.

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