GMs Shift In Policy To Electric Vehicles Puts A Lot Of Jobs At Risk.

Among the greatest unknowns of the labor negotiations which are going on between General Motors and the union workers of UAW is not about the pay or benefit dispute.

The rise of Electric vehicles in the industry is making sure that a few jobs are becoming obsolete with factories being redesigned to create zero-emission cars although the new tools do cost more. A major concern amongst the union leaders who are negotiating new labor deals for 158,000 workers with three automakers of Detroit which are General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Ford.

Mary Barra who is the CEO of GM had announced during the last November that the company had plans of cutting 14,000 jobs and shut down five plants across North America by the time this year ends and shift the workforce of the company and focus on building of more electric vehicles.

They have said the company is going to transform their workforce with an eye on the future which is going to be all-electric. The actions will be helping them in funding the race for the leader in the race of the all-electric market and the development of AV technology in order to discover the potential revenue streams which can be new and lucrative from mobility services.

Close to 48,000 GM workers are right now on strike as UAW is negotiating a new labor deal which could save a few of those factories and prevent their closing down.

The industry is already struggling with a fall in the demand for cars among consumers and the shift to electric cars will mean more jobs are lost as they are easier to manufacture and require lesser parts.

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