Gold a safer option than equities feels an analyst

The co-chief officer for investment in the Bridgewater Associates who had helped in overseeing over $160 billion worth of assets for the giant in hedge funds has said recently that the turbulence which is going on around the world due to a big gap between the poor and the rich is going to continue making for the dicey climate for investment. The Federal Reserve is going to allow the inflation for running hot for some time and there is not going to be any attempt by the world’s major developed central banks for normalizing the rates of interest and he said that this is going to be a major deal.

He said that if it is all put together, the investors must make gold which presently trades a little over $1551 an ounce, a major factor in the portfolio as a major part of the world in their long equity markets is facing a situation which in his opinion was extreme.

Jensen further said that as the central banks all over the world let the inflation run and with the budget of United States and the deficits of trade swell, the dollar might ultimately be losing its status as the reserve currency of the world. This event may happen right now or might even take a decade though the possibility is there and with the geopolitics and the strife therein, there may not be many countries who would want to hold the dollar and in such a situation gold is something that will definitely be standing out.

The Dow Jones had been up by triple digits along with the other stock indexes but gold too had been logging the gains.

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