Google to phase out the FTP protocol from its web browser

In 2015, Google had revealed its plans for the removal of the support for FTP protocol from the Google Chrome browser of the company. Several others who make web browsers especially Mozilla had announced its plans of removing FTP support from its browsers which in the case of Mozilla was Firefox.

Mozilla had introduced a preference in the Firefox 60 which allowed its users to disable FTP support and began blocking the FTP sub-resources in the Firefox 61 version.

Google has plans to disable the FTP support in the Chrome 82 which the company is planning to release in the year 2020 during the second quarter. The removal of FTP support is going to happen gradually from the web browser Chrome and the schedule of the removal has been given by the company to be as follows.

In the Chrome 79 version the support for FTP is going to be removed in the development versions of the web browser. Chrome is going to add a flag for enabling FTP support as a temporary measure and the entrance policies are going to be made available for the controlling of FTP support.

The FTP support is going to be disabled slowly in the stable versions of the web browser in the Chrome 80.

The FTP support is going to be removed completely from the browser in Chrome 82.

No option is going to be available for re-enabling the FTP support in Chrome as the code is going to be completely removed from the browser.

Chrome is going to delay the handling of the FTP URLs to default application on the systems where they are run if the client is installed and associated with the FTP protocol it is going to be used for re-opening the resource after the support has been removed.

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