Growing Patient Pool Is Projected To Fuel The Growth Of The Global Coronavirus Diagnostics Market

The enduring pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is triggered owing to SARS-COV-2 and usually transmits from animals to humans and further from one human to another. The condition generally transmits from saliva drops or the nasal discharges when the infected individuals sneeze or cough. The disease’s foremost case was reported in China’s Wuhan, in December 2019, and since then, it has transmitted to several regions across the globe further infecting millions. Apparently, the world is confronting a quick rise in count of infected patients with this transmissible disease. Severe respiratory inflammations can be caused by coronavirus. This virus has displayed some similarities to SARS-CoV of about 85% to bat coronaviruses in comparison to their genetic structures.

The rising disease cases around the diverse parts of world are the key factor boosting the growth of the global coronavirus diagnostics market. Further, the dearth of primary testing kits within the market in keeping with the quickly increasing market demand is also contributing to the growth of global coronavirus diagnostics market in the coming period. Numerous government institutions, research organizations, private firms, and other associated organizations are vigorously functioning to develop and built numerous types of coronavirus diagnostic kits.

The numerous players in the coronavirus diagnostics market are implementing several competitive strategies, such as developing advanced technologies and introducing novel services, to establish a firm foot in the global market. To cite, in late march 2020, the e-diagnostics startup, KlinicApp, introduced COVID-19 tests on its interface, to be among the few ICMR-approved units to allow home tests for detection of coronavirus. The tests are being offered in partnership with government-permitted labs such as Metropolis and Thyrocare. Also, during the same time, Novacyt, the French clinical diagnostics specialist, had declared FDA approval for its rapid and easily portable test for COVID-19.

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