Holidaymakers, Crew Of Thomas Cook Stranded In Cuba

Several holidaymakers and Thomas Cook crew have been stranded in Cuba after the firm’s collapse. Hotels are refusing to let them go till the total payment is made by them.

However, instructions to hotels in Cuba were issued by UK’s ambassador to the country to let customers leave without rendering their payment. Customers on a package holiday get protection if they have the ATOL scheme cover.

The scheme makes payment towards overseas accommodation even if it may entail shifting to another apartment or hotel. Arrangements for airline travel will be made in case of need. Refunds will be provided if your holiday travel is for a future date. If your deal is meant just for flight travel then refund can be sought from the debit or credit card provider or the travel insurance firm.

A number of cases of stranded travelers were reported from several hotel locations in Cuba. In one instance the travelers along with Thomas cook staff were prohibited from departing the hotel in spite of no arrangements being made for their room stay.

The UK government along with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was focusing all their energies in offering support to the affected travelers. The repatriation efforts began on Monday and this resulted in the homecoming of about less than 15,000 travelers. About 64 flights were put into operation. A total of about 1000 flights will run up to 6th October to bring the rest of the holiday travelers amounting to 135,300. Around 17,000 travelers are slated to return back on Tuesday by running 74 flights, said the chairman of CAA.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has informed through Twitter that hotels holding ATOL covered customers have been offered financial assurances to enable them to stay put till arrangements for their return are made. Any advice or support required by travelers encountering problems with the hotel can be sought from their website.

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