Hydrogen key source of energy in Germany now.

There has been an impressive amount of growth in the renewable resources use in Germany and this is a major assistance in the fight they have been undertaking against the change of climate. Though, infrastructure hasn’t been designed for the decentralization of the energy production which is a major challenge. Further, the intermittency of the solar and wind power has been a major obstacle for the continued and reliable supply of energy.

Hydrogen has been a major part of the solutions. The plan of Germany has been planning to develop the value chain including the storage, production, transportation as well as consumption. There is potential and now there are sound policies for maintaining the correct environment for private sector for developing the required innovations.

The transition is going to be a success completely by 2050 when the Europeans will be able to consume the energy from the stable grid without an emission of CO2.

There are two significant challenges which are there ahead of the implementation. First is that the production capacity is going to have to be installed for replacing the carbon economy. Secondly the problem for storage and the stabilization of grid has to be overcome.

The former is a mere matter of investment which is sufficient in the alternative methods of production and latter is a lot more difficult. The ability for the mass production of electrolyzers for instance has been a necessity for the reduction of costs. Hence the innovative solutions are important for the development of the hydrogen based economy. There has to be a network which is built for the filling stations which will ease the acceptance of hydrogen.

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