Ice Giant Planet Revolving Around The White Dwarf Star

The lives of stars are extremely violent and mostly the planets which are around them are never able to survive the phases of brutality. However, for the very first time, evidence has been found by the astronomers of one planet which survived the transition to death of a star.

The researchers have termed this to be among the chance discoveries they have been able to find a giant planet which is outside our solar system which has been orbiting a white dwarf that is Earth-sized.

At the time when a star which is like the sun reaches the end of the life and burns through their fuel, it pulls on to form a red giant and blasts close to half of its mass. The blast usually consumes the planets and asteroids which are near it.

The white dwarf that is blazing hot that has been left behind and any of the asteroids and planets which have survived would move farther out as the star does not have the gravitational pull on them anymore. The white dwarfs cool slowly as they get older.

In the current case, a planet that is made of heavy gasses similar to Neptune of our Solar System named ice giant is four times in size as compared to the star. The planet is able to complete the orbit around the star quickly every 10 Days. The planet has a tail that is streaming out looking similar to a comet, made of oxygen, sulfur, and hydrogen gasses.

The reason for this is that the star is in effect evaporating this planet. The star being so hot has been pummeling the planet with the bursts of hot energy.

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