Imposition of higher tariffs escalates the disputes related to subsidies.

Disputes regarding subsidies to the makers of aircraft has escalated with the imposing of higher tariffs by Washington on aero plane parts and Airbus from the European Union.

It is going to go up to a level from 10-15% in the next month while a lot of the other tariffs on the exports of EU to America, on many goods which stand at 25% are going to be retained.

Trade Representatives of United States had pulled back on blended scotch and salmon.

However the association of Scotch whisky has said it is very disappointed that the tariffs are retained.

This is covering liqueurs and single malts form Northern Ireland and Scotland.

While United Kingdom has left the European Union, the current rules regarding trade is going to continue during the period of transition until the beginning of the year 2021 while there are newer trade relationships being negotiated.

The tariffs are going to be retained as well on the cashmere jumpers which are coming from Scotland and the sweet biscuits from Britain of which Scottish shortbread is the biggest export.

A few of the meat types and the produce from dairy form the United Kingdom as well as European Union have been facing the tariffs since the 15th of October in addition to the books and a bit of fruit and shellfish.

Only a few of the smaller changes are made to this list of the goods covered by the tariffs from United States which had begun in the month of October, the kitchen knives from Germany and France had been added however the prune juice was removed. The action has been targeted primarily at the countries which build the Airbus.

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