Improved Healthcare Infrastructure To Fuel Demand In Global Patient Identification Wristbands Market

The healthcare industry has become extra conscious about its patient health. With the advancement in technology, healthcare institutes and hospitals across the world have started adopting patient identification wristbands. This ID wristband has a barcode that acts as a patient identification code. It acts as a scanner to read the data on the barcode. The patient identification wristbands are used extensively in clinics, dispensaries, hospitals, rehabs, old age homes, etc.

For over 10 years, the patient ID wristband has gone about as proof of improved security measures. Cross-checking records with the patient’s ID wristband data and the data given by the patient is essential for the patient identification measure. This is an important stage since it includes the patient’s contact with the connected clinical group. It is not difficult to retain error-free patient data with these wristbands. Before these bands came into the market, maintaining the details of patients with their basic records was a hectic task, prone to human errors. Negligence in information drafting can turn out to be troublesome if the patient isn’t given an ID wristband or if the patient’s wristband doesn’t give the right identification data.

With the improvement in healthcare infrastructure the global patient identification wristbands market is foreseen to witness significant growth. Besides, the governments of different countries are also investing in the development of the sector, yielding impressive results. They are striving to provide cheap material to produce patient identification wristbands in the market, fueling the overall growth.

The global patient identification wristbands market is broadly categorized into product type, material, closure, age group, and region. On the basis of product type, the market is divided into alert wristband, laser wristband, RFID wristband, write-on wristband, and thermal wristband. Based on material, the global market is divided into synthetic, Tyvek, vinyl, synthetic, trilaminate, and non-tear paper plastics. Based on closure, the market is segregated into adjustable clasp, plastic closure, single-post snap, adhesive, permanent snap, and hook & loop. On the basis of age group, the market is segmented into pediatric, adult, and infant.

Based on geography, North America is anticipated to lead the global patient identification wristbands market during the forecast period. This is attributed to rapid technological advancements. The growth in the market is also credited to the significant rise in the R&D and investment healthcare sector. The healthcare industry in the region is also getting fortified due to world-class medical facilities and treatment options. Among the countries in the region, the US is the most lucrative market to be seen with a solid supply chain network.

The key players leading the global patient identification wristbands market are Printina, Bio – X., PDC Healthcare, Compass Health Brands, Zebra Technologies Corp, and so on. To cite, Medline, a well-known firm in the healthcare industry, in 2018, launched a warehouse in the UK to support and leverage their business prospects in the nation.

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