Increasing Cases Of Recreational Sports Injuries To Uplift Growth In Global Adhesive Bandages Market

An adhesive bandage is a strip with glue on one side, used for medical purposes like wound dressing or on small cuts. These bandages have medicinal properties that protect the wound from germs and other bacteria in the air. Its ease of usage and wide availability in the market has improved the demand in the global adhesive bandages market. The increasing number of children and adults indulging in outdoor games and high chances of minor injuries has also propelled the market growth. The adhesive bandages are made of woven polyethylene or latex.

There has been a noticeable rise in the demand for designer adhesive bandages in kids for minor wounds. The adhesive bandages market is growing remarkably since the increased cases of wounds and injuries occurring in road accidents, adventure activities, and recreational games. Also, the rising old age population which is more inclined to bone-related injuries, along with the regular work-related wounds like cuts and bruises, are foreseen to fuel the global adhesive bandages market development.

But, there are certain hindering factors affecting the market growth. The emergence of new products like gels and glues are some of the major ones. However, the advancement in the designing of bandages for better and faster healing is likely to be one of the driving factors for the global adhesive bandages market. The market is developing rapidly due to rising incidences of people getting injured during recreational activities among kids as well as elders.

The global adhesive bandages market is broadly divided into product type, material, indication, distribution channel, and region. The product type segment is divided into non-medicated and medicated bandages. The latter type is sub-segmented into flexible fixation bandages and cohesive fabric bandages. Based on material, the global market is classified into plastic, latex strip, oven fabric, and others. On the basis of indication, the market is categorized into orthopedic support, wound management, edema control & pain management, and others. As per the distribution channel, the market is fragmented into e-commerce, retail, hospital pharmacy, and others.

Geographically, the global adhesive bandages market is likely to be led by North America and Europe within the forecast period. This is attributed to factors like increasing cases of diabetes in the regions.

The leading players in the global adhesive bandages market are Beierdarf AG, Johnson and Johnson Consumer Inc., Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd, Detectaplast, Inc., The 3M Company, Conva Tec, Dynarex Corporation, and others.

Recently, Ravinder Dahiya, an IEEE fellow, designed a new smart bandage with co-researchers at Glasgow University. The bandage patch is 6 cm by 3 cm in size and is used to apply pressure on the wound for healing. It has sensors embedded in it that also measure the amount of pressure that is being put.

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