Juul won’t be selling flavored products in the US anymore

One of the authoritative figures of Juul Labs made an announcement on Thursday that the Company will not sell various flavored products in the America. As per the announcement, the Company will only deal in the sales of tobacco, menthol and mint flavors. Juul Labs removed most of its e-cigarette flavors from online store viz. mango, cucumber, crème and fruit. Over the internet the Company used to sell these products to consumers who were 21 years of age and older.

While making a statement through one of the news channels, CEO of Juul’s hoped that their present move might build trust throughout vaping industry. He stated that it is very important to reset vapor category, after earning society’s trust and co-operating with stakeholders, regulators and policymakers to prevent minors from vaping e-cigarettes.

The latest move surfaced after the Administrative government of US made an announcement that USFDA might provide a guidance which might remove various flavors of e-cigarettes, including menthol and mint. People who advocated the ban stated that these flavors attract kids and camouflage the fact that vaping is bad for health. Contrary to this, opponents stated that these flavors are used to consider as crucial tool which allows adults to quit combustible cigarettes.

Juul will keep on selling menthol, tobacco and mint pods at several online and retail locations in America, but it will follow practices and policies stated by the FDA. Recently, Juul made an announcement that it will suspend several digital and printed broadcasting of products in America. Matthew L. Myers stated that the present announcement made by Juul is a vindication that the Company hasn’t changed a bit, even under new-leadership and it is not serious to protect youth from using vaping products.

Myers further stated that the present announcement showcased why the government of US should stand up against Atria and Juul and should remove several flavored electronic cigarettes which include menthol and mint.

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