Lifen Has Raised USD 58 Million to Help the Healthcare Business Modernize

Lifen, a French firm, has garnered USD 58 million (Euro 50 million) in finance. Starting with medical reports, the business has been focusing on digital platform for the healthcare sector. Indeed, the programme is used by 600 healthcare establishments to transmit and receive medical reports.

And each user makes extensive use of Lifen, which accounts for 2 million medical reports supplied to nearly 240,000 clinicians every month. Patients can indeed get the files from Lifen directly.

The Series C financing was led by Lauxera Capital Group and Creadev today. Partech and Serena, who had previously invested in the company, returned to join in the investment round.

Lifen began with communicating in the health sector since the company noticed a need for development. To communicate medical papers, many stakeholders in the sector used to rely on the good old physical letters. And hospitals remained stuck since, due to data protection concerns, they couldn’t simply convert to email.

The company created a documentation infrastructure that integrates with a number of electronic communications protocols for health records. It makes going digital and sending reports automatically a lot easier.

On top of that, Lifen has incorporated some computational modeling to its document product. To convert papers into structured data, the organisation tries to detect crucial information automatically. For example, the startup tries to automatically recognise the patient’s name and also the giver’s information.

The startup now intends to expand outside texting by making a complete online experience for the healthcare sector. Lifen can be used by healthcare facilities to begin adopting other e-health apps.

Lifen does have its own app store, which lists all of the apps that integrate with Lifen’s client management system and link to Lifen. Salesforce has had a lot of success with this method.

The company expects to employ over than 200 people in the next 18 months as a result of today’s fundraising round. The company hopes to partner with 1,500 institutions and 200 e-health services by 2025.

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