Maple Leaf Foods’ CEO Michael McCain criticizes Trump for his actions

Maple Leaf Foods’ CEO Michael McCain has taken aim at the President of United States, Donald Trump over the tragedy which took place in Iran when a Ukrainian passenger jet was downed by Iran. The person whose company is engaged in the business of packaged meat held the President responsible for the destabilization of the region and the increase of Tensions with the Iranian administration.

Through a series of tweets, he launched a scathing attack on Trump and said that he was extremely angry at the President while blaming him for the killing of the Canadian citizens who were in the plane including an employee’s family. The crash as per the government of Iran had been caused by their defensive fleet of weapons.

He said further that with time, his anger was only growing. He referred to Trump as a narcissist who teared the accomplishments of the world apart and blamed him for causing tensions in the region. He said that United States are now not welcomed everywhere as the tensions have now escalated and reached a fever pitch. He said that taking out a military leader would serve no purpose as there are going to be many like him who will take his position.

He tweeted that this irresponsible, ill-conceived and dangerous behavior led to the losing of lives of 63 Canadians. Among the victims he said were the family of one of his colleagues.

These tweets have echoed the criticism of actions that Trump towards Iran particularly the killing of the Qaseem Soleimani who was a major military leader in Iran. The Democrats have also criticized Trump’s actions which lead to an unnecessary provocation from Iran.

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