MD Logic Health Announced Its Partnership With AvalonX

The partnership agreement between MD Logic Health and AvalonX was sealed to bring supplements from the ethically sustainable and purest source of raw materials to produce effective and more potent nutraceuticals.

Melanie Avalon, the Founder and President of AvalonX said he is really proud to announce this partnership with the leading market player, MD Logic Health. He has been seeking opportunities to bring the supplements line that can meet his quality standards. Furthermore, he said after intensive research, MD Logic Health emerged as an ideal fit to his criteria. MD Logic Health and AvalonX agreed to work on a challenge to meet the uncompromising standards of AvalonX to create the purest serrapeptase supplement possible.

MD Logic Health developed a dedicated small batch process to make sure that the Serrapeptase 125 supplements are prepared without any toxic fillers like palmitates and stearates. However, he continued despite rising costs, both of the companies agreed to utilize the amber glass bottles for packaging to protect the product and the environment from chemical by-products and plastics like phthalates.

He also appraised the MD Logistics for facilitating such a comfortable zone for working together. Also, he added, both the companies will work dedicatedly towards supporting their audience through the mission of AvalonX for transparency, potency, and trust.

Scott Emmens, MD Logic COO and Co-founder, said the partnership between both of us is an organic fit. From the start of our initial discussion, it was crystal clear that the mission is closely aligned with people’s health. Melanie is a known leader in the biohacking sphere for their commitment, passion, and expertise for her audience. The MD Logic’s mastery in different spheres, including manufacturing, logistics, formulation, and sourcing, when combined with AvalonX’s mission, will definitely come out as a true synergy. We will dedicatedly work at MD Logic to create every product with pride for the health of our families, friends, and community. He also mentions that the company will make needed initiatives and is looking forward to serving members of the AvalonX community with that same pride.

Serrapeptase 125 will be the first product of the partnership by AvalonX powered by MD Logic. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme prepared with the help of a Japanese silkworm. It helps break down the unwanted protein in the body when taken in a fasting state and further combat allergies, and aid in lowering inflammation. Also, it affects the mucosal viscosity to help boost immune health and respiratory system.

Wesley Ramjeet, MD Logic Chairman, further added that they expect the pre-sale of Serrapeptase 125 will begin this week itself, and he is amazed by the efforts of his team to develop such a great product in a record time.

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