More discoveries come about the stars waking up

The moment when the stars first woke up was a huge moment for the cosmos however it is one that is elusive for the scientists. In new researches though, the team of astronomers has been able to identify a few of the oldest galaxies that have been seen and these objects had been formed fully at the time the universe had just been as old as 680 million years as per the scientists who had also found the evidence which said that the galaxies had been flooding the surroundings with the extreme radiations which were ultraviolet.

This flood had formed a lot of huge bubbles where the gasses which were neutral had become ionized and energized and offered the astronomers their first main image of a major epoch of transformation in the universe that we live in.

Many years ago, there was not one single star that had been shining all across the universe, in the earlier days of cosmos, everything had been very uniform and had been of the same density from one place to the other, in a monotonous manner

It had also been quite a change from the earlier days of universe and was neutral in a depressing manner. Even earlier in the first few thousand years post the occurrence of the Big Bang, the universe was very hot and dense making it plasma which was ripping the atoms apart into the nuclei and electrons which constitute it.

The chaos ended some 380,000 later and the universe had turned ripe and things began spreading out with the temperatures being low for the combining of electrons with the families of nucleus and forming the helium and hydrogen atoms.

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