Motorola Razr Postponed Owing To High Demand

We expect you were not too keen about pre-ordering the foldable, revamped Motorola Razr this week. The firm declared that it is slightly postponing the handset’s launch and pre-order timing owing to significant user demand. We do not know when, precisely, you will be capable of securing your Razr, but the firm claims it does not “expect an important change from our original accessibility timeline.”

It is a little odd that Moto did not predict elevated demand for the Razr—maybe the firm thought handset’s high $1,500 cost might only lure a small amount of users. After all, it is running a fairly old mobile CPU (Snapdragon 710), and its battery and cameras capacity pale in evaluation to other premium handsets. But we suppose that a number of people are ready to overlook those errors to get a foldable, sleek handset that fits into the slimmest of trousers.

On a related note, the Lenovo-controlled Motorola earlier revealed the One Hyper, a mid-range ambitious handset with an almost bezel-free screen and some pretty nice features for camera. It bundles a pop-up, 32 MP front camera that offers as much resolution as you would ever require for selfie shots and automatically retracts if you drop the handset. It also sports a back 64 MP camera that offer either low-light sensitivity or high resolution when you turn on the Quad Pixel tech and Night Vision mode.

Apart from the primary 64 MP camera, there is an ultra-wide 118-degree angle lens, together with a laser system that focuses even in low light. Those cameras are fueled by CameraX API of Google, indicating “3rd party apps such as Instagram that can take benefit of camera AI technology of Motorola, such as Night Vision, HDR, and Portrait Mode,” Motorola claimed to the media.

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