New Electric Scooter By Skip Comes With Waterproof Batteries

Electric scooters are vulnerable to a lot of damage—which offers most of them a pretty small life. Skip revealed the S3, a new electric scooter, which might be more sustainable and tougher as compared to its precursor. The S3 comprises swappable waterproof batteries, which both saves the batteries from an untimely death and slashes back on the time it requires to be charged.

Skip’s new bike also comprises a few safety updates. A wider deck and shock-absorbing, larger wheels might guarantee a more stable ride. Evening users will be more visible owing to new lights situated in both the rear and front of the bike. A new braking system is fitted with a motor and drum foot brake for redundancy. The S3 also comprises of improved torque and rear-wheel drive, which will assist users navigate wet surfaces and hilly landscapes.

As per the firm, the new design adds a year’s worth of users’ feedback. It is also meant to elevate the life of the electric bikes, which were never developed to withstand number of casual. “Skip S3 was developed to deal with the biggest challenges in scooter mobility,” claimed Sanjay Dastoor (Skip CEO and cofounder) to the media in an interview.

“The fleet scooters presently in-market were never developed for shared employment, so while user interest is solid, the sector is stalled by scooter durability, lifecycle, inefficiencies, and safety.” Skip will be experimenting with the new models in San Francisco, with complete launched anticipated in the fall.

On a related note, Audi earlier this month launched its E-Tron Scooter meant to serve “multi-modal” users who only hardly use cars. While the E-Tron has the profile of a bike, you ride it by shifting your weight like a skateboard. Yes, it is a scooter you can carve.

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