OmniVision And Diaspective Vision Partnered To Build A Medical Hyperspectral Imaging Camera For Endoscopes

OmniVision Technologies Inc. announced its partnership with Diaspective Vision GmbH for the development of a new kind of endoscopic camera referred to as the Malyna system that is based on proprietary multispectral imaging technology.

Diaspective Vision GmbH is a young medical technology company that has been in the field of spectral camera solutions for medical applications since 2015. The company produces and develops improved quality multispectral and hyperspectral camera systems to be used in different areas of medicine. Their products are made to assist in checking risk structures and tumors, as well as for robotic control assistance systems.

Malyna offers indocyanine green-based perfusion visualization. However, it also acts as a platform to adapt algorithms for quantified perfusion and tissue categorization without any requirement of color agent injection. The system enhances a 4K live video stream with certain information to surgeons and objective support in the decision-making process. It is widely applicable in diagnostic endoscopy, robotic surgery, laparoscopy, and several others with the aim of potentially tumor detection and intraoperative risk structure.

This camera from Malyna adopts OH08B in its manufacturing. OmniVision has recently launched this CMOS image sensor – OH08B. Diaspective Vision is looking forward to complementing it with a second OH08B sensor. The sensor will help synchronize and further offer a 3D stereoscopic image. However, the OH08B is the first medical-grade 8-megapixel resolution to utilize Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technology. It is OmniVision’s award-winning technology that is bringing massive transformations with emerging capabilities that are far away from the visible spectrum to the global medical sector. The 2.0µm PureCel Plus-S pixel image sensor based on 1/1.8-inch optical format offers 4K2K resolution at 60 frame rate per second with high dynamic range, high color fidelity, and is widely available in hCSP package. Also, the image sensor is an ideal fit to be used in laparoscopes, aminoscopes, duodenoscopes, gastroscopes, and colonoscopes.

The Nyxel technology-based OH08B offers exceptional image quality in both IR imaging and color. The Nyxel technology offers three times Quantum efficiency and a massive improvement in both the 940 NM and 850 NM NIR wavelength. The exceptional term efficiency permits the better utilization of lower-power IR illumination, which in turn will also result in prominent production in chip-on-tip power consumption. Thereby, it offers better patient comfort during surgeries and long procedures. Furthermore, the OH08B is autoclavable for reusable endoscope sterilization.

In Europe, the Malyna ICG will extensively be available from 2022.

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