Parker Solar Probe Completes Its Second Orbit Around The Sun

The Parker Solar Probe that had been launched into space in 2018 is still orbiting the Sun and providing loads of information. Recently, as per the accurate measurements, the probe has successfully finished its 2nd orbit around the Sun. The probe has even been able to take the first snap from within the Sun’s atmosphere and it is the first one to take the closet approach to the Sun. The extreme temperature conditions, particle & plasma ejection, and solar flares emitted into space can all be well understood. The mission has provided us with some positive data. Dr. Nicky Fox from NASA Headquarters after a thorough analysis found the probe to have collected double the amount of data than expected from its first two perihelion passes.

Getting closer to the Sun may be very dangerous but despite the harsh environment, the Parker spacecraft is the first-ever one to get near the Sun. The probe uses its Wide-Field Imager for Solar Probe or WISPR equipment to snap some visible light images of the solar events such as solar winds, solar ejections, and shockwaves. The data collected from November 6 to 10, 2018, has been turned into a video. Project Scientist, Dr. Nour Raouafi, of the Parker Solar Probe stated that probe neared the Sun such that it could gather few colorful results that can help unravel some facts about our bright star. The imaging instruments and telescope data are being used to provide loads of images and relevant data in order to take the sheets off from the Sun’s influence on other planets’ orbiting and planetary sources.

Similarly, the probe is ready for its next mission or perihelion phase wherein it will be flying by Venus at the end of December this year. Thus, the scientists will be able to collect more and newer data about the Sun using the gravity of Venus to direct its flight path.

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